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Smart Cloud Email

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  • Large attachment, anti spam, Multiple terminals, IP login restrictions, Multiple administrator permission allocation


Enterprise Application
Operating System
Release Date
Apr 15, 2023
Delivery Period
3 days
Large attachment: You can directly send attachments up to 50M. With the large attachment function, you can send up to 1GB of email attachments
The anti spam system: uses advanced firewall technology to filter over 90% of spam, ensuring a clean email environment
Multiple administrator permission allocation: A super administrator (postmaster) can set up an additional 5 administrators and assign permissions to other administrators
Free allocation of space: Administrator can freely allocate the capacity of each email account,
Email account grouping: Administrators can group email account, such as grouping all email account under finance department to( sending can be done by sending emails to group names
Internal address book: Enterprise members will automatically generate an enterprise address book, which can be quickly searched and sent emails in the web version of Cloud Mail and Mail clients
Multiple terminals: It support the IMAP/POP/SMTP protocol for sending and receiving emails, and multiple clients such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone/pad, Foxmail, and Outlook


Standard Edtion

  • Standard Edtion
  • Group Edition 20-29 users
  • Group Edition 30-39 users
  • Group Edition 40-49 users
  • Group Edition over 50 users
  • Enterpise Edition 5-9 users
  • Enterpise Edition 10-19 users
  • Enterpise Edition 20-49 users
  • Enterpise Edition over 50 users


User Guide

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Skype: longtoponline

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