Cyclone Robotics - RPA
RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is a form of business process automation technology that uses software robots or "bots" to automate routine, standardized tasks that are usually performed by humans.

These tasks can include things like data entry, invoicing, email responses, customer service, and more. The goal of RPA is to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and free up human employees to perform more complex tasks that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
Cyclone Robotics
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Cyclone Robotics - RPA

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  • Efficiency and Accuracy: RPA bots can perform repetitive tasks much faster and with greater accuracy than humans, reducing the risk of errors and increasing overall productivity.
  • Cost Reduction: By automating routine tasks, RPA can help businesses save on labor costs. It also allows human employees to focus on higher value tasks that require critical thinking and creativity.
  • 24/7 Operation: Unlike human workers, RPA bots can work around the clock without breaks or downtime, providing a significant boost in productivity and service availability.
  • Ease of Implementation: RPA bots can be programmed to interact with existing software and systems in the same way a human would, making them relatively easy to implement without the need for major system overhauls.
  • Scalability: RPA can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing business demands. New bots can be deployed quickly, and existing bots can be reprogrammed or repurposed as needed.


Enterprise Application
Operating System
Release Date
May 29, 2023
Delivery Period
3 days
Simulates real-life operation behavior and completes workflow design for application operation, data reading, information transfer, etc. It provides a friendly, code-free visual design interface, powerful easy-to-use drag-and-drop controls and complete and detailed task operation instructions, so that users can quickly get started and easily design automated business processes, including software defect repair, patch upgrade service, license renewal, etc., helping users to complete professional and complex business process design.

Task Executor. Supports local/remote deployment, replaces tedious manual operations, realizes unattended robots, and executes automated workflows precisely and efficiently. Execute pre-programmed processes to realize process automation operations, and the execution process requires manual start and input of relevant parameters. Includes software defect repair, patch upgrade service, license update, etc.

3、Central controller
Centralized management and control of robots, flexible scheduling and assignment of work tasks, real-time monitoring of task status and the first warning. Support cloud deployment, guarantee information security by key, data transfer, storage plus password, role authority isolation, audit log and other ways. Provides: 1. robot management, process management, task management, 2. permission management, organization management, data asset management, 3. robot log, execution recording screen, log audit, custom alarms, remote upgrade, dashboard and other functions. Includes software defect repair, patch upgrade service, license update, etc.


Controller for 2 to 4 robot

  • Attended robot
  • Unattended robot
  • Controller for 2 to 4 robot
  • Controller for 5 to 9 robot
  • Controller more than 10 robot
  • Designer
  • RPA start package Attended robot + Designer
  • 2 Unattended robot + Designer + Controller
  • 1 Unattended robot + Designer + Controller


User Guide

Install Cyclone Designer 4.3.RC Installation Instruction v2 Download

Support Range

Time: 5 x 8 hours (GMT+08:00)
Services: product use consultation, pre-sales and after-sales technical support, guidance, problem response and handling, etc.
Hotline: 400-800-8560 (press 3 to switch to technical support)
Email Address:

End User License Agreement

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Open Source Software Notice

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Customer Case

Receipt generation
Voucher production
Invoice verification
Warehousing receipt generation voucher
Financial report generation
Batch verification of electronic invoices
Warehouse Receipt Management
Customs clearance processing
Logistics tracking
Inventory management
Warehouse management
Order management
Three-party reconciliation
Contract management
Settlement and payment
Inquiry Management
Public opinion retrieval
Attendance summary and verification
Staff information management
Entry and resignation processing
Resume screening
User authority management
System monitoring/operation and maintenance
Work order processing
data processing
Delivery notice synchronization
Order information entry

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