Udesk Intelligent customer service system
"As a new generation of SaaS full-scenario intelligent customer service system provider, UDESK relies on cloud computing,
big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to provide enterprises with omni-channel access coverage
(telephone, online customer service, mobile APP, WeChat, Weibo, SMS, Customer service platform for mailbox, web, mini
program, full scene coverage (received, intelligent self-service, pre-sales consultation, on-site dispatch service,
telemarketing, customer care return visit, after-sales consultation, internal business service), aiming to improve the
enterprise Customer service team service efficiency, reduce operating team operating costs, increase customer satisfaction
and loyalty."
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Udesk Intelligent customer service system

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  • Integrated customer service system,CTI-PaaS Large call center, Instant Messaging, Data Insight and AI robot
  • Support mainstream social media and overseas route docking
  • SMS
  • Help Center
  • Intelligent quality inspection


Business Intelligence
Operating System
Release Date
May 29, 2023
Delivery Period
45 days
1)Omni-channel access: Udesk provides unified access to wechat, Weibo, APP, Web, mobile SDK, mini program, telephone, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and other channels. One platform integrates call center, online customer service, work order system, and connects more than 20 communication channels to connect your global customers barrier-free
2)Full scene coverage: covering customer acquisition process, pre-sales consultation, sales process, after-sales service; Service object from customer service, internal staff service, to partner service;
3)Whole process management: Oriented to the whole process of enterprise labor management, performance-oriented, improve the integrity of labor management process, improve the overall efficiency of labor management
3)Fully intelligent embedded: customer service, work order, quality inspection, call, scheduling combined with AI technology to make management and service more intelligent
4)Artificial intelligence unity: robot and artificial complement each other, seamless connection, support manual to artificial, automatic to artificial, robot assisted artificial
5)Online and offline unification: customers submit work orders online through wechat, phone, form, email, APP and other channels, and the system will intelligent pre-judge and assign exclusive service personnel to achieve offline service of online flow management
6)Unified data analysis: Through the intelligent BI data analysis platform, the data relations of multiple modules are correlated to improve the data analysis index system


The repair order account

  • Omni channel account
  • Call Center Account
  • Online Customer service Account
  • The repair order account
  • Urobot


User Guide

Udesk Urobot Solutions Download

Support Range

After-sales service: Provides training and guidance for system management personnel, covering software operation, and DISASTER recovery solution;
Hotline:+86 400-6307-588, Monday to Sunday 9:00-22:00;
Work order support: 7*24 work order feedback channel IM onlinechat, marketing@udesk.cn.

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