DigiCert Secure Site SSL Certificates
DigiCert, founded in 2003, is a global leading digital certificate provider and acquired Symantec digital certificate business in 2017. DigiCert has been focused on providing SSL certificates and code signing certificates for more than ten years, delivering scalable encryption and authentication for the valued online products of the world's leading banking, e-commerce, technology, healthcare and manufacturing companies. Beyond the Web industry, DigiCert innovates with scalable PKI-based automation solutions, providing identity authentication and encryption for IoT and other emerging markets.
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DigiCert Secure Site SSL Certificates

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  • World leading provider of digital trust
  • Contributor to market foundation, including formulating global standards
  • Global compliance and operation
  • Certificate lifecycle management to realize public and private trust, and extend the trust to supply chain and the connected ecosystem


Big Data
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 05, 2023
Delivery Period
7 days
As a global leading digital certificate provider, DigiCert provides digital certificates and services to customers all over the world. DigiCert has partnered with many of the world’s top companies, providing trusted SSL, private and managed PKI deployments, and device certificates. Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, DigiCert has been committed to and deeply involved in the field of website identity security and independently develops management tools for faster process and easier management. Beyond the Web industry, DigiCert innovates with scalable PKI-based automation solutions, providing identity authentication and encryption for IoT and other emerging markets.

DigiCert Secure Site (formerly Symantec) SSL Certificates feature in the following functions and advantages:
1.Norton Secured Seal: Better understand your website security and trust conditions
2.Daily Malware Scanning: Scan malware every day and notify customers once detected
3.Mainstream RSA algorithms: Mainstream asymmetric cryptography to protect data security
4.Support Chinese domain and information: No difference in display effect and compatibility

1.Up to 256 bits encryption strength to securely protect data transmission
2.At least 128-bit encryption protection
3.Mainstream RSA algorithms
4.Support mainstream browsers and mobile devices
5.1.75 million USD warranty
6.Norton secured seal and malware scanning services
7.Support multiple languages of domains
8.Free re-issue within validity

1.Apply an SSL Certificate online: search for the appropriate SSL Certificate at Huawei Cloud KooGallery, select the SSL Certificate specification you need, and click the “Continue to Submit” button.
2.Order Confirmation: Web page jump to order details. After we confirm the order details, submit the order.
3.Payment: pay for the order.
4.The requested order can be viewed in My Orders.
5.After the order application is completed, the system will send a "HuaweiCloud account application" email to the user's mailbox, that is, the user's registered email in the Huawei Cloud. The initial password sent via email is the login password. To better protect account security, it is recommended to change your password immediately after logging into Huawei Cloud certificate management system.
6.After the user successfully logs into the Huawei Cloud certificate management system and changes the password, searches for the certificate record that you have just applied for (according to the Huawei Cloud order ID) and fills in the information required to apply for the certificate.
7.After the order is submitted, certificates need domain and organization verification. It generally takes 3 to 5 working days to issue certificates.
8.Renewal certificate: only certificates due within 90 days can be renewed.
8.1In the Billing Center > Renewals, select the order that needs to be renewed, and submit the renewal order.
8.2After the renewal order request is submitted, the system will send the renewal request email to the user’s email address. Click on the link for renewal application in the email, fill in the relevant password information and verification method of the renewal order, submit the order and carry on the follow-up verification process, which is consistent with certificate application.
9.Certificate deployment
9.1Deploy SSL certificates: select the corresponding SSL certificate file according to the server type and deploy the certificate file to the server.
9.2Online detection: access https://myssl.com, enter domain name and scan with one click to understand the deployed HTTPS security level and whether it needs to be optimized.


Secure Site OV SSL Certificate

  • Secure Site OV SSL Certificate
  • SecureSite Pro OV SSL Certificates
  • SecureSite OV Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • SecureSite Wildcard Pro
  • SecureSite EV SSL Certificate
  • SecureSite Pro EV SSL Certificate
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates
  • Pro with EV Multi-Domain SSL


User Guide

User Guide for Certificate Application Download

Support Range

Service Time: 7*24 (GMT+08:00)
After-sales services: order placement assistance, certificate status check service, etc.
Email: support@trustasia.com

End User License Agreement

Ordering this application means that you agree to the terms and conditions listed in the End User License Agreement (EULA).

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