FineReport is an enterprise-level web reporting tool for IT personnel, which minimizes the cost of developing fixed reports by simple operations like drag and drop, and meets complex and diverse business needs to develop reports. It integrates data from multiple systems, develops reports efficiently, and improves data productivity.
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  • Multi-source data correlation supports diverse data sources and data extraction from different databases and tables. Data of related products from different business systems can be integrated into a single report, allowing more data to be applied to business analysis and management control.
  • With a no-code designer, FineReport can improve development efficiency, respond to changing requirements rapidly, and handle complex reports, parameter query, chart analysis, data drilling, and dashboard creation easily. It also provides a unified platform for accessing and managing reports to achieve precise permission control.
  • Through the powerful data entry function, enterprises can utilize the designer to complete the forms quickly, and perform data supplementation, deletion or modification efficiently on PC or mobile devices, thus improving their data assets. This function also allows historical data to be imported from Excel files and supports data validation to ensure data standardization and validity.
  • FVS is a part of the FineReport product system, specially created for large-screen visualization scenarios. It provides powerful data visualization design, development and multi-terminal display capabilities. Another highlight of FVS is the integrated 3D engine, which encourages traditional IT users to learn and start building 3D scenes at a minimum threshold, taking enterprise data visualization to a new level at lower implementation costs than the market average.
  • The Decision-making Platform is the built-in report management system of FineReport. Through the Decision-making Platform, the administrator can perform authority assignment, user management, system management, etc. Normal users can view reports that they have permission to access to after logging in to the Decision-making Platform.


Business Intelligence
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 05, 2023
Delivery Period
1 day
FineReport is a "professional, simple and flexible" enterprise reporting software developed by FanRuan Software Co., Ltd., architecturally designed based on "low-code development" concept. With FineReport, users can quickly design complex reports and stunning dashboards by dragging and dropping report elements and incorporate reports and dashboards to establish a decision-making platform. Features of FineReport include fast data integration, cool 3D visualization, smart data entry, powerful decision-making platform, easy deployment and integration, excellent mobile BI solution, etc.

Product Capabilities:
1) Integrate multiple data sources into a report system to maintain business data connected
2) Provide abundant visual charts that intuitively reflect business value of data
3) Embed simple and easy data entry functions, so that the data collected can be well-formed and easily managed
4) Contain a report management platform, which manages staff, reports and permissions through simple settings
5) The report system can be deployed as a Web application and can be integrated into the existing OA, CRM or MES system
6) Provide a mobile app FineMobile whereby users can view reports and receive notifications anywhere anytime
7) Provide various components which can be dragged to build a dashboard easily


FineReport V11.0 excluding FVS yearly

  • FineReport V11.0 including FVS yearly
  • FineReport V11.0 including FVS one-time
  • FineReport V11.0 excluding FVS yearly
  • FineReport V11.0 excluding FVS one-time


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Time: 5*8 hours 15:00-23:30 (GMT+02:00)
Services: product technical support, pre-sales and post-sales services, product problem solving, problem troubleshooting, and complaint handling

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