Social Hub.AI helps brands connect consumers.Techsun gains insight into consumer pain points in different lifecycles, matching omnichannel reach capabilities, combining industry-specific content and strategies for targeted marketing, improving the refinement and efficiency of enterprise consumer management, and help enterprises build digital marketing operation systems.​
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Social Hub.AI

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Business Intelligence
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 05, 2023
Delivery Period
20 days
Social Hub.AI helps retail brand customers to quickly establish links with consumers, including stores, official websites, APPs, WhatsApp, Lazada、Shopee、shopify and other channels, as well as dealer channels and brand affiliate members, so that to realize omni- channel data collection and connection. Social Hub.AI provides a variety of marketing tools, such as points, coupon rules, SMS & WeChat marketing. Through unique system performance and configurable automatic marketing tools, it helps retail brand customers acquire customers at low cost and interact with each other, activate active members and stimulate repurchase. Social Hub.AI provides data insight. Based on Hadoop big data architecture, it builds a consumer data management platform for brands and provides complete member data management capabilities, including customer profile management, customer Tags, customer clustering management, data visualization and other capabilities. Social Hub.AI is based on the cloud native architecture. While providing high-performance support, it helps IT reduces the input of IT operation costs, considers data security and disaster recovery, meets the out-of-the-box needs, and reduces the input of customization costs.


Social Hub.CDP

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User Guide

Techsun Social Hub User Manual(EN)v0.9 Download

Support Range

Time: 5*8 hours
Hotline: +65 31388688

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