As a leader in the 4th generation of bigdata-powered NoCode technology, Smardaten all-in-one no-code platform provides best of visual suites, covering full-stack data management, drag-and-drop application construction, data analytics with AI without traditional coding, to significantly accelerate software development process and improve agility, reduce cost and improve quality.
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Smardaten Platform

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  • Unique Data + Application = Value inner data value aggregating eco system that effectively removes all legacy system data silos and integrate with new NoCode built applications within single eco system
  • Vastly reduced software delivery time (from 1-2 years to a few weeks) with much fewer staff without high IT skills
  • Much lower user barrier which enables Non-IT staff to create applications around their particular business needs, to increase digitalisation success rate
  • Unlimited amount of applications can be created, high value for money
  • High flexibility with wide integration with third party platforms, multi-dimensional data asset management, AI enabled data analysis


Application Development
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 15, 2023
Delivery Period
7 days
Smardaten offers a generic purpose all-around platform that comprises of automated ETL, data governance (meta data lineage), data middle platform, AI enabled BI and data analytics (a stand-alone product Nextion BI as well as BI module inside No-Code Platform), Self-designed Large Screen function, No-Code application construction modules etc. Apart from core products, Smardaten also provides partners access to customization services as well as service and training support.

Core Platform Modules:

ONESDC:Fast access to massive heterogeneous data sources, including various mainstream databases, open data services and real-time data collection of IOT, etc.
Provide hundreds of out-of-the-box connectors, and support secondary development and extended customization capabilities (API).

ONEMIND:Create data-driven business applications and aggregate the value of data assets based on full-stack big data Platform.
It provides visualisation based data assets management and easy data model management, and data association view and meta data lineage view;
ONESDC module enables fast mulitple heterogeneous data source integration. Intelligent Auto-ETL (Quick ETL module) enables data ETL and data exchange in visual console with 40+ drag-and-drop data processing command buttons and extended custom buttons. Supports visual control and scheduling of data flow tasks to realize flexible processing of data.
Intelligent data analytical modules (Quick Analyzer and Quick Dashboard module) provides 100+ out-of-the-box data analytical charts templates and rich AI capabilities, focusing on data analysis and in-depth exploration of data value;
Enterprise-grade visualization dashboard configuration, one-click extraction of Quick Analyzer charts and large-screen dashboard layout design. Present efficient access to build sophisticated data visualization dashboards for ISV/ IT users, Citizen developers and business users;
Smardaten provides full lifecycle data governance and management, as well as data sharing and data security management services

Application Construction: Smardaten enables construction of various applications in a modern, agile and no code way with extensive, ready-to-use drag-and-drop UI mode with rich templates.
200+ pre-defined drag-and-drop UI/UX components and extensive templates to develop visually appealing and sophisticated user interfaces quickly and easily
Configurable AI/ML modelling and AI assisted functionalities to faciliate application constructions and analytics
Flexible and easy construction of work flows, data flows and business logic flows provide application building with rich automation capabilities
WEB/APP synchronized design, quick release of mobile terminal, omnichannel auto switching

- Smardaten provides a unique Data+Application = Data Value inner eco system that brings in all legacy system data together with data from created applications under single data standard management system, therefore create inner eco system to aggregate data value with maximum potential
- Greatly reduced software development time (from 1-2 years by traditional coding to 3-6 weeks with Smardaten) with much less staff (junior staff can be competent in delivering highly complex enterprise class software)
- Re-engineer software development process with intelligent data auto-modelling which allows changes to be made at every stage of development without relying on human, to transform traditional linear step-by-step lengthy process to round table mode of collaborative process involving business users and IT staff, much more synchronised working modality


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Services: Email and hotline support
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