TX comprehensive video Customer Center
Tianxin Technology's comprehensive video service platform is based on advanced cloud communication technology WebRTC and a multimedia communication system that has been tested by users; It fully supports Internet applications such as H5, WeChat, enterprise WeChat, APP, and the platform is also interconnected with the 4GVOLTE/5G internetworking of telecom operators; Provide high-definition video/voice/multimedia messaging, as well as communication capabilities such as push, screen sharing, collaborative browsing, and address book; Equipped with application service capabilities such as video content management and on-screen interaction, it is a leading, stable and reliable telecommunications level service platform.
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TX comprehensive video Customer Center

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  • Full platform interoperability: low-cost, low latency, and high-quality audio and video communication can be achieved through multiple channels such as 4G VOLTE/5G, WeChat mini programs, browser H5, and pages;
  • Rapid business launch: Based on the advanced low code aPaaS platform, it supports multiple scenarios and business types. The functional modules are configured according to the business scenarios, and the backend functions are configurable to achieve rapid business launch.
  • Multiple AI capabilities: The comprehensive video service platform can flexibly combine AI capabilities such as facial recognition, ID comparison, ASR, TTS, intelligent monitoring service recorder, and video self-service robot according to business needs, improving business processing efficiency and service quality.


Enterprise Application
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 15, 2023
Delivery Period
60 days
Committed to audio-video communication + AI capabilities, integrating service scenarios to create a comprehensive video customer service solution. Enhance the efficiency of business processing and improve the customer experience. Strengthen risk prevention and control during the business handling process, with the ability to trace activities afterwards. By leveraging advanced real-time audio-video, 5G, intelligent call center, process orchestration, OCR recognition, facial recognition, and intelligent image processing technologies, we build an intelligent online platform for face review and signing services to enhance customer experience and risk control capabilities. Based on a unified work platform, unified user interface, and unified business management, the client application is user-friendly and can be accessed through a web browser H5 page for seamless communication.

System capabilities:
1.Utilizing high-definition audio-video real-time communication technology, the system connects customers with service representatives, ensuring smooth audio-video quality during video calls. In the event of network interruption, the video connection can be restored seamlessly. The system boasts low latency and low packet loss. Video resolution can be adjusted according to network conditions, with a priority given to maintaining audio clarity.
2.During video calls, customers can be requested to capture photos or documents based on the specific business requirements. The service representative's end also supports capturing customer photos. In situations where customers are unsure of how to capture suitable photos, sample images can be provided to help them understand and capture photos that meet the requirements. The system also integrates facial verification interfaces, allowing for customer identity verification when necessary.
3.The system offers diverse features for explanations, including whiteboard sharing, pen annotations, file sharing, video sharing, screen sharing, and instant messaging, facilitating multi-dimensional communication and interaction with customers in a face-to-face online setting.
4.For business transactions requiring electronic contracts, the system can be integrated with electronic signature interfaces to facilitate online contract signing.
5.Leveraging 5G audio-video calling, during the business handling process, service representatives can initiate outgoing calls to customers with a single click using 5G telephony. Customers receive the call just like a regular phone call, and upon connection, the call transitions to audio mode. If a video feed is required, the call can be switched to a video call, enabling screen sharing and allowing service representatives to capture the customer's video feed. This approach simplifies the process and eliminates the need for customers to initiate the call themselves.
6.The entire business handling process supports audio and video recording, which is archived in relevant service records. These recordings can be accessed and reviewed during quality inspections and retrospective evaluations at any time.
7.A standard data analytics module is available, supporting statistical calculations for call data. It provides granularity options such as yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily analysis. The module also allows for data analysis and statistics across multiple dimensions, including individual agents, teams, and other relevant factors.

System flexibility and customization:
1.The fields in the business work order can be flexibly configured to accommodate the specific requirements of different business types and processes, ensuring compliance with business needs.
2.Photo categorization supports flexible configuration based on business attributes.

Application scenarios:
This solution finds typical applications in the insurance and financial industries, specifically in claim handling, consumer loan processing, automobile loan processing, and various face review and signing scenarios.


Maintenance for Agents Authentication

  • Video CC system authentication
  • Video CC agents authentication
  • Maintenance for System Authentication
  • Maintenance for Agents Authentication


User Guide

TX video CC manual of operation Download

Support Range

Time: 5*8 hours
Hotline: 021-31184300
Services:TX Technology

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