Xunxiang Webiste Building
H5 responsive customized website, fast static cache response, automatic adaptation of different resolution screens, and higher quality appearance.
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Xunxiang Webiste Building

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  • 1 on 1 high-end design
  • High quality and higher appearance value


Business Intelligence
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 19, 2023
Delivery Period
1 day
Cloud · Responsive Website
Break the constraints together with the future
Product features:

【Feature 1】 Support of computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices
【Feature 2 】 Visual page editing, simple operation and high flexibility
【Feature 3 】 More than 50 plug-in functions with super versatility, system upgrade, and free updates
【Feature 4 】 Security guarantee, anti virus and anti Trojan
【Feature 5 】 Natural packaging system, ensuring safety and security
【Feature 6 】 Global rapid deployment, fast and stable

Project product and after-sales description:
1. The project product is a SaaS product, and all display effects are based on existing backend functions. This includes hosting, assistance in filing, and virus protection during the service period.
2. During the use of SaaS products, the backend will upgrade with the system's functionality.
3. The after-sales service method is 5 * 8 hours of manual after-sales support, and 7 * 24 hours of work order support.
The method of manual after-sales service is:
(1) After sales technical service personnel can answer questions or provide guidance by phone.
(2) Face to face training backend, unlimited in number and frequency.

4. Project product features: The website management backend is visual; In the backend, you can directly add articles, products, and columns, modify pages and images, and achieve a WYSIWYG effect. Post maintenance is easy and convenient.
5. Responsive SaaS: Visualized, antivirus and upgradable, supporting paid source code export. After export, there are no visualization operations in the background.
6. Automatically adapt the layout based on the resolution of the accessed device to achieve the best browsing experience.
During the website design process, if you are not satisfied, you can apply for a full refund. The confirmed sample will no longer be modified.

Construction process:
Communicate the requirements for website construction and provide a website construction plan - Customer submits website construction materials - Website filing - Home page visual design - Framework construction - Data supplementation and uploading - Website launch
Product features:
Article management: Add articles, manage articles, private articles, encrypted articles, recycle bin, article classification, article tags, and article comments.
Work management: adding works, managing works, private works, encrypted works, recycling bin, work classification, work comments
Product management: adding products, managing products, private products, encrypted products, recycling bin, product classification, product attributes, product labels, product reviews
Multimedia management function: adding attachments, managing attachments, and traffic
Page management (supporting visualization): Add pages, manage pages
Bottom plate management (supporting visualization): adding and managing bottom plates
Form management (supporting visualization): adding forms, managing forms, and form data
Website SEO: Site SEO, Page SEO, Article SEO, Works SEO, Product SEO
Visualization components: over 50 visualization components
Member roles: adding roles, managing roles
Site Tools: Backup Restore: Traffic Statistics


Website templates -Basic

  • Website templates -Basic
  • Website templates -Business
  • Website Design -Standard
  • Website Design -Premium
  • Website Design -Upgraded


User Guide

User Gduide Download

Support Range

After-sales service time: 5*8 hours
After-sales service content: free BUG repair within the service period. Provide complete help documentation. QQ remote, telephone communication to assist the use of operation, online feedback and deal with problems.
Service email: kf@xunxiang.net

End User License Agreement

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Customer Case

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