A vending fridge that uses intelligent AI algorithms to accurately identify goods
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AI Fridge

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  • Unmanned sales
  • Accurate identification
  • High-tech products
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Business Intelligence
Operating System
Release Date
Jun 23, 2023
Delivery Period
21 days
The AI vending machine adopts the gravity sensing + dynamic visual recognition technology of the cargo division channel, through the gravity changes of the commodity and the commodity packaging form, specifications, structure, color and other characteristics of the secondary verification, accurate identification of the customer out of the commodity and quantity, automatic deduction settlement. Truly realize grab and go shopping experience without feeling.
Through the collocation of different goods, can achieve the beverage cabinet, food cabinet, fresh cabinet and other different scenes of demand; It can support the sale of almost all commonly used pre-packaged products on the market.
Each cargo track (single SKUs) uses a gravity sensor, each sensor collects weight information 20 times per second, weight accurate to 1 gram. The weight of a commodity is the basic attribute of a commodity. The commodities sold in our unmanned retail equipment are all produced by industry and have high consistency in weight. By analyzing and calculating the weight changes of each cargo channel, the system can accurately perceive the customer's handling behavior.
97% of the orders can be timely and accurately judged by gravity. For the orders that cannot be accurately judged, visual auxiliary decision can be started.
In a word, our AI VENDING MACHINE is the most accurate, efficient and vending Machine with the most payment options on the market!


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Hotline: +86 400 060 9811

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