Alauda Container Platform
Alauda Container Platform(ACP) empowers enterprises to adopt Cloud Native technologies, including modernization of application.
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Alauda Container Platform

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  • Application-oriented: Provide advanced infra to develop and maintain applications. Cover the entire lifecycle of an application.
  • Full-stack & Out-of-the-box: Provide infra, application frameworks. Provide full-stack and out-of-the-box features.
  • Cloud Native & Open Source: Provide best practices for cloud native technologies. Facilitate enterprise digital transformation.
  • Simplified Delivery, Auto O&M: Use the container-native architecture across the platform. Support fast deployment, auto O&M, and continuous upgrades.
  • Hybrid & Multi-cloud Mgmt.: Run on top of K8s and use K8s as the control plane. Provide a container-native hybrid cloud solution.


Application Development
Operating System
Release Date
Jul 12, 2023
Delivery Period
7 days
Architecture Management

Alauda Container Platform(ACP) provides standard K8s architecture and compatibility with third-party K8s architectures and OpenShift. Provide consultation to customers about technologies developed by the open source K8s community.

Application Management

Facilitate developing cloud native applications. Meet the requirements of application lifecycle management in all scenarios. Fast deploy traditional, distributed, and cloud native applications on Alauda Container Platform(ACP) and gain benefits from cloud computing.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Manage on-prem K8s clusters as well as public cloud managed K8s clusters, such as EKS and AKS.

Full Distributed Cloud Stack

A complete distributed cloud stack: public cloud, datacenters & edge.

Unified Control Plane

End-to-end observability for hybrid and multi-cloud to improve site reliability.
The platform provides out-of-the-box middleware PaaS services, including database and message queue services. While simplifying the process of building, deploying and running, it can also help users to manage and use databases and message queues more freely.

>Rapid deployment

Graphical one-click deployment of instances effectively simplifies the process of instance creation, management, and release.



It based on the DevOps concept, attaches importance to the culture and practice of communication and cooperation between software developers (Dev) and IT operation and maintenance technicians (Ops), and provides enterprises with development including pipeline management, code warehouse management, product management, etc. One-stop service out of the box can help enterprises focus on business goals, improve business continuity, security, and agility between R&D, testing, and operation and maintenance within the enterprise, realize automatic deployment and operation and maintenance, shorten development cycles, and improve Deployment frequency to easily respond to changing market demands.

Platform provides an open selection tool chain, the deep integration code mainstream tools such as management, product management, project management, support end-to-end business process choreographer, help to promote research and development, testing, and operational business between each group of continuity, security, agility, establishes a set of released from the integration code, unit test, is applied to the whole life cycle of software deployment management way, Improve teamwork and expand innovation.

Service Mesh

Provides one-click infrastructure deployment and upgrade, visualized service management, efficient application performance management, and high-availability and high-performance service gateways to help enterprises improve service management efficiency, comprehensively reduce the maintenance cost of the Microservices framework, and relieve developers' concerns about The dependence of the framework allows the development to focus on the business and continuously improve the core competitiveness.

DB & Middleware

Provide out-of-the-box, stable and reliable middleware services, facilitate rapid deployment and unified operation and maintenance of middleware, and effectively respond to business demands.


>Parameter configuration: Supports visual parameter configuration for the running MySQL instance, provides scope, optional values ​​and other auxiliary users to define parameters; supports importing parameters from parameter templates or files; supports parameter exporting.

>User management: support creation and deletion of MySQL users, and assign corresponding database permissions to users in MySQL.

>Topology: Support to view MySQL topology, view node status, and support node switching.

>Access method: It supports to easily obtain the access address of MySQL, and supports the configuration of access outside the cluster.

>Query analysis: It supports query analysis and statistics of MySQL SQL statements, which is convenient for database users and operation and maintenance personnel to view the SQL statements that affect database performance.

>Supports full and incremental (only MGR architecture) manual and automatic backups. Once a database exception occurs, the backed up data can be restored.


>Parameter configuration: Supports visual parameter configuration for running Redis.

>Supports full manual and automatic backup. Once the database is abnormal, the backed up data can be restored.


>Topic management: Supports topic management for Kafka, creates a topic and sets the number of partitions, number of message copies, size, and retention time.

>User management: support user management of Kafka, including creating, editing and deleting Kafka users.

>Parameter configuration: Supports visual parameter configuration for running Kafka.

>Consumer list: Support viewing consumer list.

>Topology: Support viewing Kafka topology and node status.

>Access method: It supports to easily obtain the access


ACP on Public Cloud (CSP managed K8s)

  • Basic Bundle
  • ACP On-premises
  • Data Services
  • Alauda Operating System
  • ACP on Public Cloud (CSP managed K8s)


User Guide

附件2:Alauda Container Platform User Guide Download

Support Range

Time: 7*24 hours telephone/email support
Service content: all version update packages and update documents, product use Q&A, defect judgment and processing, necessary on-site technical support, and technical support account manager.

End User License Agreement

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Open Source Software Notice

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